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Beowulf Di Maximiliano Nero


Whelped: 01/07/2021

Our newest stud, Beowulf is currently 12 Months of age.  His European Pedigree is in the process of be transferred to the AKC through the foreign registrations department and will have his certificate posted shortly.  He comes to us from Serbia, and was sired by from Di Modello's Michigan and Angel of Shaytan Eleanor; Beowulf is Handsome, muscular, fast, sleek and powerful, current weight is at 105 lbs.  He will definitely possess both a magnificent physique and is already showing a keen intelligence.  He is a refreshing addition to our bloodlines as well as adding a deeper Euro look into our future offspring. His parents are European Champions and has an incredibly rich Championship Bloodline. Beowulf's health Tests certifications are currently enroute to Embark.  He will be OFA certified at 2 years of age. Beowulf is vWD Clear, DCM negative for both DCM1 and DCM2 and is a strong and healthy.  

The Doberman Pinscher is one of dogkind's noblemen. Beowulf has the look that will command attention with his striking appearance.  His stature and already an impressive size and weight, he will be in the 115-120 range at full size.
Jet Black and Rust with perfect markings, long show cut ears; an exquisite specimen of the Doberman Pinscher.  He is a strong and powerful and well-mannered, yet loving in his disposition. Beowulf is an outstanding example of the breed and is clear of any negative health issues.  He is cleared currently through his parentage.  These elegant qualities, combined with a noble wedge-shaped head, large broad chest and an easy, athletic way of moving, have earned Dobermans a reputation of royalty.   He has been classified Superior Size and Quality. Our Dobermans are bred with an emphasis toward being family oriented with love & affection, sound temperament and health.  Your puppy will have the longevity to remain active, protective and be a faithful and loyal companion.   Your family’s forever guardian!   Beowulf''s personality is one to be seen "gentle giant" best describes his sweet and gentle nature and disposition.  His will be a proven stud and we are excited to see the first puppies he will produce with Ms. Sansa of Seffner and then Ms. Sophie's My Choice asend of February and early march respectively.

Their look is elegant, and their style is athletic, Dobermans are known to be intelligent, alert, and tenaciously loyal companions. Personalities vary a great deal between each individual but, if taken care of and properly trained, they are generally considered to be loving and devoted companions. The Doberman is driven, strong, and sometimes stubborn. With a consistent approach, they can be easy to train and will learn very quickly.  This has not stopped the Dobie, as they're affectionately called, from becoming one of the most popular and recognized breeds in the United States.  The Dobie's fierce reputation precedes them. They're feared by those who don't know them, stereotyped as highly aggressive and vicious. True, they're a formidable guardian, but they're usually a gentle, watchful, and loving dog. They don't go looking for trouble, but they're fearless and will defend their family and turf if they perceive danger.  The Doberman Pinscher enjoys being part of a family. They like to be close to those they love and, when this love is present, they're a natural protector. They're trustworthy with their family's children, friends, and guests as long as the Dobie is treated with kindness and respect.
They also need plenty of mental challenges to keep them from becoming bored. They need a strong owner/pack leader who can take time to properly socialize and train them, and who will keep them busy.  Dobies' ears are cropped to increase their ability to locate sounds and prevent infection, and tail docking eliminates the danger of a broken tail and gives the breed a more streamlined look. Those who know them say that a properly socialized Dobie is an excellent pet and companion, suitable for families with other dogs, gentle with young children, and overall a loyal and devoted family member.


12 weeks Old


Finally Home


Still posting ears

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Beowulf's Parents

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