"Ms. Ruby Dooby"



Ms. Ruby Dooby is a AKC Fully Registered Championship Bloodline Doberman Pinscher - Black and Rust.  She has a long European lineage with many championships in her heritage. 


Her current weight is 102 lbs.  She has stunning facial features and soulful eyes combined with a beautiful black satin coat and perfectly placed rust markings.  She has been classified as superior size and quality.  


Whelped: 5/23/2018

She has a sweet, loving and energetic personality, yet a keen and protective nature, combined with tremendous strength and stamina. Ruby likes to be with her owner while enjoying interaction and leadership.  She is loyal, tolerant and very affectionate.  Her eyes will keep watch while faithfully guarding her family. These qualities demonstrate her excellent temperament, disposition and statuesque conformation.

Dobermans can be determined, bold and assertive while working, they are very adaptable, highly skilled and versatile.  They are an outstanding watch and guard dog.

Her parents have OFA certification for hips: Good; Elbows: Normal;DCM and Heart; Clear

European Lineage:

Daughter of King Leonidas; preceding lineages are

Maxim Di Altobello (Int’l World Champion 2009-2011);

Icarus Di Altobello (Multi Int’l Champion 2007-2010)

originating from Siberia

Ruby's Baby Pictures
Ruby6 months.jpg
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