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"Sahara of Simple Story"

European Imported



Sahara of Simple Story is one of our beautiful European imported females. She is an AKC Fully Registered Championship Bloodline Doberman Pinscher - Black and Rust.  She has a long European lineage with many championships in her heritage.  Her parents are Pride of Russia Shaytan and Ava Beautiful Lady.  She was born in Serbia and imported at the age of 9 months. Doberman & Company imported her Mother, Ava Beautiful Lady in September of 2021.


Her current weight is 90 lbs.  She has stunning facial features and deep black soulful eyes combined with a black satin coat and perfectly placed rust markings.  She has been classified as superior size and quality.  


Whelped: July 11, 2020

Two puppies Available
1 Black Rust Male
1 Black Rust Female

More pictures to follow!

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