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Demian XVIII

In heaven and always in our hearts


Whelped: 12/03/2020 
12/2020 - 11/2022

Doberman & Company's

European Import

Red/Rust Stud

It is with a very heavy heart that Doberman & Company has to announce the passing of our prized stud Demian XVIII, lovingly called Thor Boy.


He was imported from Serbia just shy of 3 years ago.  He was a refreshing addition to our bloodlines as well as creating a deeper Euro look into our future offspring.   He produced some of our finest puppies during the last 2 years.  His European Championship Bloodlines and impeccable health quality and strong genes will live on in offspring from the litters he has sired.  

He was enjoying a Thanksgiving holiday away in Georgia running free and mating with Ms. Bailey chasing rabbits, cats and deer.  Saturday morning while out in the field on a large acre estate he chased a rabbit down to the road and was hit by a car.  He died from internal injuries immediately.  

Our loving Thor will be missed dearly by us and everyone who knew him.  He was our gentle giant and will truly be missed.

IMG_2591 (1).jpg

3 months of Age

6 months of Age

6 months of Age

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